Saudi Autistic Society -Jeddah Branch

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The Saudi Autistic Society was founded in Riyadh City and registered under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs with the number (244) in accordance with the decision of His Excellency the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs No: 29482/Sh dated 3/7/1424 H  and headed by HRH Prince Turki Bin Naser Bin Abdulaziz as Chairman


The Saudi Autistic Society started its activities to achieve a number of objectives which include:
- Raising awareness about Autism in the community to contribute positively in the diagnosis of Autism , early intervention, treatment and rehabilitation of people with autism
- Establishment of specialized centers for the care of this category in the different regions of Saudi Arabia. At present it provides its services through its first Center in Riyadh for more than (70) cases and therefore it is considered the largest center for the care of this group in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.
- Encouraging and supporting studies and researches on the causes of autism and methods of treatment, care and rehabilitation.

As the Saudi Autistic Society acts as  a national umbrella for the services rendered to the people with autism, the             Board of Directors has approved the establishment of branches in many parts of the Kingdom, and consequently a branch of the Saudi Autistic Society has been opened in Jeddah, on 1/09/1427 in order to achieve the following objectives of this Branch :
-Adoption of policies and programs that contribute to the development and intensification of comprehensive services needed by individuals with  autism and their families in coordination with government agencies, charities and  other national organizations that provide rehabilitation services for this category in the western region.
- Promoting & spreading awareness about Autistic disorders, symptoms, methods of diagnosis and centers that provide care and rehabilitation services to this category.

- Organization of seminars, conferences and workshops for the benefit of families of children with autism and specialists in this field.

- Encourage researchers from university students and postgraduate research on the disorder, autism and help them obtain all the information and inform them through references and books available in the information center (library) of the branch of the Assembly.
To meet the need to increase the numbers of children with autism in the Western Region, and the fact that branch of the Western Region serves the most cities in the region has been the adoption coordinators in each of:
 Taif - Mecca - Medina - Yanbu in order to facilitate the process of spreading awareness about Autism in these cities and services that can be provided to this category,
Well as to encourage interested members of the well-wisher of the business to adopt to contribute to the establishment of specialized centers for this category in each city of these cities that lack the presence of such centers. That the General working alongside them and establish the basic rules in the establishment of the dedicated and Coordination them with government agencies and charitable and eligibility.